Blessed to be a blessing …

Try this … place your name in a hat along with 25 others …. then each person draws a name out…

Your assignment is to pay attention to ‘your’ person all day …  notice and write down 2-3 things to say to them to bless them… then pray and ask God to give you an encouraging scripture to share with that person in the evening debrief.  It is intimidating, but a powerful exercise!

The power of blessing … can break the power of the lies that Satan tells us!

Satan says:                                                           God says:

You are worthless                                                You are a person of great value

You are selfish                                                      You are self-less

You don’t care about others                               You care about others, you look out for others

Nobody cares about you                          God cares about you … you always care about others

No one notices you                                              I noticed you today ….

It was a very sweet time of blessing!  The students took time to find scripture … and then you could tell, they labored over what they were going to share.  For some, it was difficult to speak out loud … but even that was a blessing… in their speaking and blessing someone else… it also revealed more about the person speaking.

At the end we talked about how this can become a way of life for them as a person and as a class.  A couple of them have a

sked if they can do this periodically as a class … to help it become a habit and to include those back home and to continue to unify them as a class!

We talked about the school today… the kids there… how we need to continue to pray for them, that they would want to learn and better their lives.  For most of the children there, no one in their families has ever gone to college, most of them never finished high school!

Please join us in prayer for the children that are being challenged to live to their God given potential and that their lives would be lived to glorify God!

Right now … one team is  dividing the ‘gift bags’ that we’ll use in the park ‘kids club’ ministry tomorrow  … and another team is putting together the ministry time. After Sunday, these students are pros! 🙂   Another team is eating popcorn (very important task) … someone ha

s to do it!

It’s raining… hard right now … we would love to have clear skies tomorrow… but we’re ready to go to plan B … or C … or whatever God puts in front of us.

At this point we’re planning to go to the French Market to shop..  prayer at the crisis pregnancy center … then kids club …  back to the pink house for dinner …  clean up … sleep … drive home …

Warning … they’re not wanting to leave… I think I’ve got an advocacy group going to petition to make this a 6 day trip

!  HA..

I love it … I love them … We love Jesus!

We have been blessed …. by the power of the Holy Spirit … we have been flavored …

Today … these past two days our students have been … ‘the salt of the earth’

Until tomorrow!

Mrs. G

BTW … the quote above is one that is on the walls of the school!

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