Theme for the Day … My Identity

It was a really great time at the Youth Detention Center. As we were debriefing tonight, there was admission that many were kind of nervous at the beginning, but we allowed the Holy Spirit to ‘help us’ conquer our fears.

Alyssa, Brandon, Michael, Dawson, Naomi, Christina, Grace, Jocelyn and Elisha led worship and did an amazing job!

Alyssa, Dawson, Maclin, Christina, Michael, Liz and Jordan performed a skit they had put together yesterday!  Each one had a heart taped to their chest with the words … thief, pride, lust, violence, lazy, hypocrisy …  as Elisha tried to minister to them… they mocked him… then he took God’s word, prayed …. and as he went back to them and shared … they tore the broken hearts and Elisha replaced them with … giver, humility, love, kind, helper and honesty…  then the last heart was replaced with … identity …   then they all lifted their hands to God.

I shared a testimony of our God miraculously delivered our son out of a lifestyle of drugs – and of how God changed the lives of our foster daughters.  Even though they have made choices that have placed them where they are today… they do not have to stay on the same track … they can make another choice… and begin a new life of purpose… one that God has designed specifically for them!

Christina then shared her testimony of how God rescued her and changed her completely.  I believe it really touched them.

The lady who is the Chaplain over the Youth and Adult Detention Centers has been working  at them since she was 13 years old.  Such a commitment to the at risk young adults and men and women that find themselves in detention centers and prison.

We went to Celebration Church (Kathy and her husband Bob are co-pastors) they meet in the movie theater !  Great worship and service!

Afterwards we headed to Little Sicily for pizza buffet …  good choice … filled us all up!

We ‘chilled’ at the ‘Pink House’ for a while then began to prepare for the homeless outreach.  Our kids made the hotdogs… wrapped in foil… loaded up 104 ‘dogs’ into the ice chests to keep them warm … 100 bottles of water… and headed to ‘the bridge’ where they hang out and sleep.  At first the teams were a little apprehensive … but it didn’t take long till they were talking to and praying with the homeless. They didn’t really want to stop!

We headed out for the devastation tour!  Steve and Bronwen took us to the 7th, 8th and 9th wards…  Steve shared about the day Katrina hit  … and the months following Katrina and how God used the church to change the atmosphere and heal racial mindsets in New Orleans.

Sloppy Joe’s for dinner …  yummy!  Homemade cookies … double yummy!

Mr. Iverson has a new trick… details to follow later!

During the debrief, it was a very special time of sharing … feeding and talking to the homeless was a favorite of the day … seeing and acknowledging the value in each person they talked to! Then when the homeless encouraged our kids and pointed them to ‘Jesus is all you need’!

The young people at the Detention Center really touched them!

Mr. Wilson shared about how he saw the day as the theme of our identity in Christ.  God wants us to have our identity in him… in some ways our identity is assigned to us through … our name… SS# … our beliefs … sometimes our identity comes by proxy –  I’m Chandler’s dad … I’m Mrs. Wilson’s husband … however … my real identity comes through the choices I make … I can have an identity in Christ .. it’s my choices that will define it!

The other 3 leaders encouraged them as well and shared their own vulnerable moments of the day …  We then broke up into our teams and prayed about our day… the people we saw and heard from … those that God put on our heart and for each other …

All of a sudden we heard loud popping sounds …  no … it wasn’t gunfire… across the Mississippi was a fireworks display…  it was AMAZING!  We stood on the back staircase of the house and watched the show!

We ended out night singing … Mighty to Save …

Our God is Mighty to Save!   Yes.. He… Is!

until tomorrow!

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5 thoughts on “Theme for the Day … My Identity

  1. Jackie Gallop

    I love reading your mission trip updates! Thanks for blogging today, Ginger.

  2. All I can say is wow! What a wonderful day and ministry opportunities. Of course, I wish I could seen the sing and speak. My day was filled with some unexpected consequences. Now have 8 stitches in my finger. Tell Christina we live her and we are praying for everyone.

  3. Kathy foxworth

    Well done! Love and blessings to you all. Hope they see where God is working and jump in with confidence in their identity.

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