Sci – Tech Laurel Work Day

Mon 12:43 – lunch break

We ended last night and started this morning with a devotional … who is my neighbor?  As we are serving Re-Nu (organization that is helping this Charter School – rise to the top) we are also focusing on our team relationships.  Barbara is the coordinator and she is so wonderfully organized … she is utilizing every muscle, every brain and it the product she’s getting is … efficient teamwork!  These kids are ‘rockin’it!   Of course already … compliments … (I know you’re not surprised but I do like to brag on our kids).

I’m going to give you a rundown …

Painting doors – Hannah, Kayla

Painting playground – Ally, Kayla, Hannah

Scraping old peeling paint and painting stairwells – Elisha, Brandon, Michael, Katelyn, Liz, Jordan, Mrs. Knighten, Mr. Iverson

Cataloging donated books – Jocelyn, Naomi, Trevor, Grace, Mr. Wilson

Pricing donated books – Jocelyn, Dawson, Chandler, Kayla, Alyssa, Naomi, Hannah, Michael

Accounting/Purchasing – Dawson

Painting library shelves – Cheyenne, Jess, Chandler, Christopher, Mrs. G

Painting signs for the garden – Grace, Maclin, Trevor, Christina

Classroom reading – Cheyenne, Jess

Planting Garden – Mrs. Schnucker, Maclin, Christina

Delivering copy paper – Maclin, Michael, Christina, Trevor, Grace, Mrs. Schnucker, Brandon

Writing this part of the blog in the door where there’s a breeze  – Mrs. G

Drilling deadbolts – Mr. Wilson, Dawson, Naomi

Resetting the playground benches/planters – (everybody we could find)

Handling and throwing away extremely nasty mop heads…. Mrs. Schnucker, Maclin, Christina

Pulling weeds – almost everybody

Trash Detail – Chandler, Christopher, Michael, Elisha, Jess, Ally, Jordan, Alyssa

Hanging college banners – Mrs. S, Maclin, Christina

Alphabetize papers – Ally, Alyssa

Delivering boxes – Mr. Wilson, Maclin

Re-New Charter Management Organization takes over and turns around failed public school systems and turns them into Charter Schools.    Most of the students are so far behind in their basic skills so they have 90 minutes of math, reading and language skills.  They touch on science and geography/history… but they’ve found unless those three basics are down, the other three subjects are a wash! They’ve seen great success…  looking at all the quotes hanging and painted on the walls… they are really encouraging students to ‘think ahead’ ‘understand they can have a successful future!  The Mission Statement of Re-New is …  The ReNEW Schools’ Charter Management Organization will transform existing academically unacceptable K-12 schools in rigorous, college preparatory schools.

In the lunch room there are college banners from all over the U.S. hanging … HOWEVER, we noticed a couple were missing … Mr. Wilson asked what it would take to add another college banner… Barbara replied, “Just get it to me”  Mr. Wilson, “Easily done.

So…  Mrs. Wilson (8th grade science/cheer coach)  … I’m thinking … we better be looking for an A&M banner …  then I said, “what about UT?”  I’m pretty sure Mr. Wilson said something like… “What about it?”  something like that… LOL… anyway… we are thinking we want to send one of each!

They are also teaching character development –  Respect, Enthusiasm, Never Give UP, Excellence, Work Hard!

Please pray for them and the work they are doing to ‘raise the bar’ for these young people… they have 5 schools that they have turned in to Charter school

Motto:  All Students Deserve A Rigorous College Prep Education!

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