It was a long trip, but it was a good one!  We made it here about 4:00pm.

We unloaded.  The team met Steve and Bronwen Niles (YWAM directors) then headed to the ferry to cross the Mississippi and have a brief tour around Jackson Square/French Quarters!  After Steve shared more about the story of Jean Lafayette  and how he was a criminal turned hero … and then how that translated into it opening the doors of wickedness/witchcraft/etc… we spent time in the park in Jackson Square praying for the people of New Orleans, praying that the spirit of God would continue to bring his healing and remove the witchcraft that is practiced and draw the lost to Jesus Christ!

Since many people were at the Final Four Playoffs… there weren’t crowds and Cafe DuMonde was the least crowded I’ve ever seen it!While we were headed over on the ferry, I was talking with Bronwen and we were going over the schedule for the next few days!  That’s when we found out that she thought Summit teams had ministered at the Youth Detention Center before.  We never had. We understood it as joining in with their Sunday service and encouraging them…Well… we had the joining in right… however … we are the Sunday Service!The students took it on… were very excited …we have 3 songs … a skit (powerful one I might add)  and a testimony (amazing one)  and an excited team, ready to minister!

It’s going to be an amazing time tomorrow morning.

Pray for our students as they lead worship and they boldly share their faith!

Pray that the Holy Spirit penetrates the walls that have been built around the hearts of the young people we’ll be ministering too!

Pray that God is glorified in everything we do!

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One thought on “‘Nawlins!

  1. Kathy foxworth

    Wow! God had you running when you hit the ground. Praying this will leave a lifelong blessing.

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