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Campfleuri in the Alps!

We arrived in Geneva, toured the town: the reformers walls, the church where Calvin preached, the lake with the 420 ft fountain in in the lake spouting at a 120 miles an hour… and watch and knife stores galore! Lunch at McDonalds because Geneva is one of the most expensive places to eat, so to eat local was too much!  It was quite different for many… paying for the ketchup and needing a code for the restroom door!  Europe!

While in the church, Michael our tour guide shared how years ago the churches we packed, everyone came, from the peasant to the king!  Now, only a small remnant show up.  And to be a Christian and to live out your faith in Europe is very hard.  They are ridiculed.  In this post modern society where God is irrelevant, a christian is in the minority.  We spent time in prayer in the church, asking God to encourage them and give them courage to live out their faith and to be able to share their faith!

All the luggage but one showed up!  Pray for Sara’s luggage to be delivered to the camp tonight!  She’s a trouper!  Besides being tired from most of us sitting in the middle seats in the 5 row seats of the plane… we did good!

The camp was especially appreciative of the goodies we brought them:  brown sugar (used in an outreach ministry) beef jerky, microwave popcorn, peanut butter and chalula chipotle hot sauce!

We got a brief tour of the camp, the main house was built in the 1700’s.   Athletes in Action soccer team and the choir team showed up, this morning and we’ll probably meet them during lunch!

Work teams are going at it right now!  Cleaning dorms (washing walls, windows, etc) cleaning out the cellar with stuff that’s been there for 30+ years, staining a fence and raking dirt, washing and waxing the van!

Tomorrow morning we’ll be attending the International Church and hiking, etc.  The weather warmed up too much so there won’t be any skiing, it’s all ice now and too dangerous!  The team here runs ski camps so they said it’s not a fun safe thing to do!

The view … amazing!  Will try to post pictures!

BTW  …   Happy Birthday to my husband …  Bobby!

will check in later!


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Geneva … here we come!

We’ve made it to Chicago O’Hare …  waiting to load the airplane for London… then to Geneva!

Pray for sleep … good seats … quiet people!  Divine Moments! 🙂

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Extra Baggage!

Spring break … trip to grandma’s … whether it’s an afternoon excursion or a 10 day trip (to France maybe?) packing can be daunting. At least, for me it is!

As I’ve been making my ‘stacks’ to go through and then narrow down for our senior class/Impact trip this upcoming Thursday,  I want to have everything I need, however, I don’t want to overpack…” extra baggage’  which I am KNOWN to do!

Extra baggage plays out in our lives in many ways…  unresolved  hurts or issues …  or it can just be the ‘daily noise’ that distracts us from pursuing and fine tuning our relationship with Christ!

The Psalmist writes …  “I removed the burden from their shoulders; their hands were set free from the basket. (Psalm 81: 5:6) … declaring how God rescued them from their burdens and freed them to completely worship and follow him.  Their own sins had allowed their captivity and when they ‘woke up’ and ‘cried out’… God answered.

On our 10 day journey … would you pray for us that we would … ‘wake up’ …  see where we’ve taken on extra baggage in our lives … allow God to “remove the burden”  so each one of us … leaders/students … can be free to completely worship and follow him.

Our seniors are moving quickly to that next chapter in their lives. What they are writing in their personal life stories … can be life changning, for the good or not so good.   Let’s cover them with prayers of wisdom, discernment and passion for the things of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

A challenge to us all –  Let’s ditch the ‘Extra Baggage’ ! ! !   Let’s allow the all merciful God to take the burdens from our shoulders and set our hands free from the basket …

And the flight attendant says, “Any extra baggage?”

” No… ”

“Then you’re free to move about the nations … ”


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“God is not silent. It…

“God is not silent. It is the nature of God to speak. The second person of the Holy Trinity is called “The Word.” ~ A.W.Tozer

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Senior Trip – ministry to others and open hearts to receive

I got our final itinerary today and am very excited about our ministry times for the seniors on their senior/Impact trip!

Sat/ Sun – Camp Fleuri – a Christian Camp – there will be a choir tour group and Athletes in Action Group at the camp.  We will be doing work projects and interacting and encouraging students involved with the two groups all day Saturday and Sunday morning. Pray for opportunities to share our faith and encourage those at the camp.

Tues /  The American Church of Paris –  in the afternoon and evening we will join the young adult group of the American Church of Paris, the oldest American church build outside the USA.  Martin Luther preached here!  Pray for ministry to the young adults there and in and through our students.

Fri/ The American Cathedral of Paris Friday Lunch –  we will take half of our day and help set up/cook/serve/clean up!  Pray for opportunities to bring hope to the less fortunate

There will be times of prayer walking and divine ‘in the line’ moments that I pray we recognize and take every opportunity to ‘be and bring Christ’ into a situation.

This past week I was talking to one of our alumni that went on our 2nd International Impact Trip!  He was getting ready to go to the U A E!The Summit trip he participated in was ‘interestingly enough’ to London/France!  He shared with me that the trip was life changing for him.  The ministry time was awesome but more than that were the moments that allowed him to be challenged in his faith, seeing what a postmodern society looked like, it spurred him into a deeper walk with Christ. A walk, that he passionately follows the daily leading of the Holy Spirit. During the trip we would have incredible times of discussion; while in lines, on boats, on trains, in our nightly devotionals

These discussion times allowed us all to encounter the Holy Spirit  and  to go deeper than the daily picture of our students that we sometimes see.  We were all confronted by complacency, spiritual games … yet a willingness to do and be different from that.


Pray for our students and leaders.  Just as Nehemiah lead God’s people to take the rubble and rebuild…  may we each allow the Holy Spirit to take the rubble in our own lives … rebuild… restore … revive!

God is good … He does good!  May extreme GOOD come from this trip!

Thanks for your prayers

We leave this Thursday March 15th  – March 24th   …  I’ll keep you updated!

Until … we head out!

mrs g

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Prayer – Make it Fun! – Save those old game boards … cards … blocks …

Before you get anxious … let me explain where I’m coming from.

Prayer is intimidating, laborious, effective, without end and FUN!  When I began to truly understand how important prayer is I began to study it and practice it!  I would try to find ways to be around people when they were praying to see … how did they use this incredible tool God gave us?  I read the scriptures and would find myself relating to the disciples in the garden …thinking Jesus must surely be saying, “Can you not stay awake?”  AUGH!  Then the introduction of prayer walking came in to my life! It changed my prayer journey making it even more exciting!

Starting with Pre-K classes, sometimes I bring a different element of fun to our prayer time! For instance, a few ideas:

  • Take an old game board like Candy Land and turn it into Jonah’s Travels, or Prayer Land!
  • Use 2 large blocks, and on one block paint each side a different color. Decide what the colors will represent. Blue-family, red-friends, yellow-church, etc. When you roll the color block pray for what that color on top represents.  The second block you put different ‘sounds’ on it.  Ex:  write …yodel, oink, meow, bark, etc.  After you pray, then roll the second block. EVERYONE in the prayer group makes that sound.  It’s fun being silly, and the next person can’t wait to pray!
  • Make your own prayer cards and draw one each morning or evening.

Secondary – We use prayerwalking on all our trips! Praying on-sight with in-sight!  Asking our Creator God, what is his heart for a community, situation, a people group?  We then pray what we sense God is saying to us.  We pray scripture! We pray that if the people don’t know God, he would bring someone into their life to share the gospel of Jesus Christ… get where I’m going with this?

  • Prayer walking – take a walk around your neighborhood. a park, a city sidewalk, a place of business. We pray for the people in the homes, the park, in the buildings, etc.
  • You don’t have to know the names of people you pray for.  If God impressed you to pray for someone – peace, health, finances, just do it, leaving the results up to God.
  • At the stop light, pray for the people in the cars around you. Ask God to be with them, and with they don’t know their Creator God, ask God to bring someone into their life and introduce them.

When you expand your ‘prayer point’ to things beyond your home/school/church  it’s amazing how your perspective of God’s heart for the whole world will change!

I know you’ll agree with me that as our students – your children,  learn to pray and their prayer times mature, it’s amazing to hear their hearts pray!

The most FUN part of prayer?  Knowing God hears us and answers us!

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Prayer Takes Us There!

This week in Impact Class …

Pre-K  – Pray for the Safwa People of Tanzania!  “lions, giraffes and the red-billed oxpecker…oh my!”   The Safway people have very little Christian literature and do not have a Bible in their own language! Pray for Bible translators to live among the Safwa people to learn their culture and write them a Bible in their own language!

Kindergarten – We reviewed some favorite Bible stories. I love how God’s word is timeless don’t you?  The truths of David and Goliath and Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are still the same today!  Even though they were young, God did powerful things in and through their lives!  I remember how incredible these stories were to me at a very young age.  I loved how one of the students said, “Mrs. Ginger, is this true?” I hold up a Bible and tell them, “This story is in this Bible and YES … it is true!  It is ALL True!” “Wow”  … yes … we serve a “WOW” God!

1st Grade – Up Up and Away … to Japan!  The tsunami that hit Japan last year brings long lasting devastation.  We remember Katrina and the devastation it brought our own nation!  We’ll hear from missionaries that are there, right now bringing hope to the hopeless. Pray for the continued struggle of the Japanese and those that are helping them rebuild.

2nd Grade – “Fasten your seat belts and bring your trays and seats into the upright position…”  we are heading to Amman, Jordan! We’ll visit the ancient city of Petra.  The main religion is Jordan is Sunni Islam. Only about 6% are Christian. Pray for the believers in Jordan to be courageous to share their faith.

3rd Grade –  Pray for the Malay people of Southeast Asia. The Malays live in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore! The main religion of the Malay people is Islam. Many girls learn batik while the boys learn to be fishermen, silversmiths or potters. The whole family might work in the rice fields! The Malay are Muslim.

4th Grade – The Crow Indians … do you have a “joking relative” in your family? I have about 3 of them. Ask your 4th grader what this ‘part’ in the Crow culture means for the family.  Pray for the Crow to discover that our Creator God loves them.

5th – We are continuing to learn about William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army!  Booth was a ‘General’ in God’s Army … armed with only Bibles, musical instruments and an unflinching faith in God, William led his army of believers into dangersous areas in London to bring healing to hurting souls!

6th – Ticklish Reuben and Cool Luke!  The 6th graders are continuing to perfect the art of puppeteering as they prepare for their next time to minister in chapel and the nursing home…  We’ll keep you updated!

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Pray for Unreached People’s Groups!

Join our Pre-K class in praying for unreached people groups around the world.  Each week as the Pre-K class learns a new letter – we learn about a Bibleless- people group that has not been reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We pray for God to send a missionary/believer to them, to live with them and write them a Bible in their own language! We know God answers prayers!

In my class we use: Akebu to Zapotec Bibleless People   A Book of Bibless People   Wyclifee Bible Translators

Parents, here’s a site for you.  Would you think about adding these people groups to YOUR daily prayer list?

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Preach the Gospel at all …

Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.
Francis of Assisi


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Here we go!

             FRANCE,      Washington D.C.   New Orleans ,     Hugo, OK      

Here we Go!  France, New Orleans, Washington D.C. and Hugo, Oklahoms where the wind comes sweepin’ ‘cross  the plains!  Stay tuned for my thoughts and prayers for our students and leaders as we allow God to Impact our lives as we impact those we come in conact with! 

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