Children Praying for France … it’s a beautiful thing

Everytime I return from a trip, the elementary classes want to see the pictures and hear the stories!  I enjoy sharing them with the elementary because they’ve been praying for us while we’ve been gone.  So it’s great for them to see “Who was I praying for?”  and “What did they do?”  “What can we pray for now?”

What I love most is at the close of the class, I ask the students, “Now who would like to pray for the people of France, and the things we saw and talked about?”

Sometimes I have to help the volunteers, but this last week, when the students prayed, it really blessed my heart to hear their prayers for the unbelievers and the believers of France!

Would you join us as we continue to pray for:
1. The seniors that went on the trip – that they will not forget the things they experienced and the commitments they made to Jesus Christ

2. The missionaries in France – that they would not be discouraged – they will continue to share the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ with everyone God puts in their path/life.

3. The believers in France – that they would not give up praying for God to draw unbelievers to a personal relationship with him.  Pray that they will be strong when others mock or make fun of their beliefs.

4. Unbelievers in France will turn their hearts toward our Creator God, learn and believe in his son Jesus Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to rule and reign in their lives!

Hearing your children pray … so moving!  so precious!  I believe God got great pleasure in hearing them call on him to draw his people closer to him, and to turn the hearts of the unbelievers to Him!

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