Freedom isn’t Free!



The picture above is from the senior class’s day trip to Normandy, France!  We stopped at the Caen Memorial Museum and this thought provoking sculpture is outside of  building!

Our team gathered around it and spent time in prayer asking God to be with the leaders of every country as they interact with each other.  The student praying interceded for peace to be the ultimate goal in nations meeting and interacting with one another.

As we toured the museum, the American cemetery and then Omaha beach you couldn’t help but be moved by the incredible sacrifice made by so many, so that people that the soldiers didn’t personally know, could be free.

While I was walking around the cemetery grounds and on the beach I was reminded of the Korean Memorial that this class visited in their trip to Washington, D.C. last year… the wall facing the small reflecting pond says, “Freedom isn’t Free”… so true!

Now from that  thought,my heart must take me to the cross …  where Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice, where we are reminded that God sent his son Jesus … where Jesus paid the price for our sins… then rose from the grave conquering death …  Our spiritual freedom was purchased at a high cost …  let’s don’t take it lightly, nor give it up for anything.


While in France on their Senior/Impact Trip the seniors were challenged by the people they met who have to made daily choices to live their Christian faith ‘out loud’…  the students were challenged as they rubbed shoulders with the culture of a people who are living in a ‘post Christian’ society… the students were challenged as they listened to the tour guides’ personal story of an inheritance of faith in God in difficult situations, (many times life and death situations)… finally the students were challenged as they weighed all they had seen and many of them realized … my life comes up a little short … then they had to ask…what am I going to personally do about it? …

So here’s the challenge … to all of us! As we go into the Easter weekend … we are each faced with the question … what am I doing with this ultimate sacrifice given personally for me?


Personally … as I look at the sculpture, I agree, I want non violence, but even more than that … I look at the cross and I choose freedom … spiritual freedom… in Christ.

“Greater love hath no one than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”  John 15:13

May this Easter weekend be a wonderful time for you to remember and celebrate His coming, His sacrifice and His gift of eternal life … “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him… shall NOT perish… but have eternal life!”               John 3:16

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