This Class … I’m just saying’ …

It’s really been a great trip, although I’m not surprised with this class!  I’ve had the honor of being with many of them 5 – 8 years!  So … here’s some thoughts!

This class has always been able to get in there an∂ work when it’s time to work, play hard when it’s time to play hard and open their hearts when it’s time to focus on ‘what’s God saying right now to us’

On our second night of the trip, I shared this with the class how I have loved watching them have fun, work hard, but most of all how they are able to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.  I told them, “Just because you have a couple of months left of high school, don’t just make this trip a check in the box.  Once more, listen to the Spirit, respond and allow God to make defining moments in your life.”

When I see them listening, shaking their heads in response to something, being engaged in the prayer time, I know they are ‘taking it in’!  We have had and will have many prayer times!

As their homeroom teacher, Mr. Tripple has been an important part of their high school life and I appreciate how much he loves them and how much he shows them he cares. He has fun with them, but he cares that they become authentic christians. They love him as well.  David’s (Mr. Tripple) ability to encourage, challenge and teach is a gift to these young adults and I know they kind of understand that now … but later … they will really appreciate that God placed him in their lives!

I know as parents, you want the best for your kids, and I appreciate your allowing your ‘precious’ young people to be a part of Summit Christian Academy and have allowed them to participate in the various Impact trips!  I do believe ALL of us partnering together, we have each had incredible divine moments, inspired by the Holy Spirit to ‘deposit’ into their lives, ‘water’ the works of the Holy Spirit and even now we can enjoy the fruits of the Spirit working in and through them.

This class really enjoys each other,  we have missed those that weren’t able to come, and I’ve prayed each morning that their days were not just a ‘check in the box’ until we returned.  I’ve prayed that the book they read and their interactions with teachers and students on the campus have been a daily reminder… I have purpose…  I”m going to make every day count!

We have one more day together in Paris … feeding the hungry!

The sad thing is most of Paris is hungry and they don’t understand that the Bread of Life is there for the taking.  God is sooo out of the picture to them.  He isn’t relative to them.  He isn’t necessary to them!  I am praying that our students have truly seen the stark difference between post christian France and the United States … although … I believe we are well on our way.  I pray this trip turns them into advocates for for Gospel of Jesus Christ. I pray it helps them to challenge themselves to be courageous and not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

I can’t wait to talk to them a few years down the road and see … this trip was a stepping stone to their next Adventure in their faith walk with Jesus Christ… The Way … The Truth …. The Life!

I’m just sayin’  if serving the creator God … loving his son Jesus Christ … obeying the urging of the Holy Spirit and allowing him to be your guide …. if that’s not exciting to you… then I’m not sure you know the God I serve.

I’m Just sayin’

Please pray for us, we’ll have our final debrief this afternoon.  This will be a time for each one to really share what they’ve learned and are taking from this trip into their own life story …   It can be a time for them to draw closer to their Savior Jesus Christ .

mrs. g

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2 thoughts on “This Class … I’m just saying’ …

  1. Okay G!
    Now I’m preparing and planning to trek back to Austin so that Hayden can go thru high school with you… good thing I’ve got 3 years to prep.
    This is so AWEsome…. (dang my heart hurts)

    Love you girl!

  2. Come on back girl! Don’t tease me! Listen, it’s the Holy Spirit, the great team leaders, a great guide … great kids!

    love you back


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