Make it count!

We started the day working at the Friday lunch at the American Cathedral!  It’s a free lunch for 64 people … every Friday … no matter the date – Christmas- New Year’s – special holidays!

Many of the people are the same ones that come every week.. and have their own spot!  It’s not really the homeless, it’s the forgotten!  Many have no other family or have been disowned!  They have very little to live on and they are treated each week to a 3 course meal, home-cooked!

A team cleaned the tables and chairs and put the table cloths on and set the silverware, while the other half worked in the kitchen preparing the food!

The team member that we worked with, Denise, shared that many times they are too anxious for teams to come because they don’t know how to work! They were really impressed with our seniors (I’m just saying’)  they worked so hard!    If you need HEAVY pots full of food carried up and down stairs… Caleb O, Caleb S, Jonathan, Luke, John, Devin, Oscar … they’re your men … If you need the table set … and I mean set …   Grab Christine, Shelby, Caleb S, Caleb O, Luke and Oscar …    If you need food prep … Claire, Marina, Sara, John, Caleb S and Jonathan.  They all helped serve the people and visited with them.   Then if you need dishes, BIG pots and pans washed and dried and put away… Luke and Jonathan!  Okay… you understand … they were work horses!  As the team leaders, we helped some, but in the end, we just got in the way …

(oh yes… a whole group disinfected all the sanctuary pews!  And that was no small feat!

We went from there to lunch for ourselves and then we cruised the Seine River … so relaxing and a fun way to get a different perspective of Paris!

Our last dinner in Paris was at the Hard Rock Cafe of Paris!

Final Devotional and Debriefing!


Michael Furchert has been a gift to our students on this trip!  His stories of God’s faithfulness to his family through WWI, WWII, the cold war… the wall coming down!  It has impacted these kids.  His final devotional just wrapped it all up!  The kids ALL commented on what a difference he made to their senior/impact trip and how they enjoyed every time he shared.

Then we debrief…  These kids have opened their hearts and responded !!!

I”m going to try to write some of the statements…  I didn’t have my computer with me so I’m going to paraphrase …

“That soup kitchen was amazing … I’m going to look for something like that to do in college”
“I had to step out of my comfort zone … but it was good and I’m going to try to do that more”

“Standing on Omaha beach … took my breath away … it was overwhelming”

“Normandy, Michael’s stories, it really touched me, and seeing the graves, it was almost too much, I really enjoyed Mr. Tripple and Mr. Smith sharing more information about what happened. It really affected me”

“I haven’t taken my relationship with Christ serious enough, it’s not hard to be a Christian back home, so I’ve not really been challenged. I’ve got some thinking to do, some changing to do”

“Prayer walking never really made much sense to me… but on this trip… it really did and I saw how important it was … I got it!”

“Working at Champfleuri, hearing them share and seeing Damien be so broken hearted for France … then interacting with the people here…  it really touched me”

“We have to pray and do something or the US will look just like France”

Jeff and Bev and David and I were all moved to tears…. literally!  We all bragged on them… it’s so easy to do!

David tried to share but his heart is really so full of love for these kids, he could hardly talk. He encouraged them… even though you have a short time left at Summit!  Don’t waste your time.  For the rest of your life… don’t waste your time!

I can’t stand the thought of them graduating … it’s been such an honor to know them and be a small part of their lives!

It’s 12:30am in the morning… we’ll be loading the bus in 7 hrs and 15 min …  As I remember more things they said… I’ll add them.

thank you for the privilege !

ginger lambert

We have been blessed and highly flavored … and these kids have been the salt of the earth!

I’m just sayin’

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2 thoughts on “Make it count!

  1. Jackie Gallop

    Ginger, Bev, and David—thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. lonestar41

    Wonderful comments & summaries! AMEN.
    I am proud of this group & class of students also. We miss them. Have a safe journey back home! We will see Y’all tonight! LOVE.

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