Sacrifice! Greater Love Hath No Man Than This ..

Truly the scripture John 15:13 was the theme of the day!  Going to Normandy and visiting the Caen Museum , then to the American Cemetery for WWII ending with walking on Omaha Beach…  seeing the craters/dents in the hill side still visible 70 years later!

At the museum there was a sculpture outside with this gun with the barrel tied in a knot.  The wording on the side of the sculpture was ‘non violence’ !  We circled the sculpture and Shelby and Jonathan prayed!

I try to take every moment that presents itself for prayer … and have the students to pray about whatever we’re either doing or looking at or have experienced. We do this on all the trips!  What I want to build into our students is that any moment can be a prayer opportunity!  Praying on sight with insight.  The goal is that eventually it will become a ‘common’ thing for them to do for the rest of their lives.  They’ll be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, pray what they feel led to pray and then leave the results up to God.

While on the ride there, and then on the ride back, Michael, David and Jeff each shared about the War and historical points of interest.  And the students interacted with good questions and you could tell, they really were taking their time and absorbing everything.

Almost all of the students had been to Arlington National Cemetery however, Mr Smith brought up the fact that one of the differences between the two cemeteries is here in France, everyone of the grave markers represents a soldier who died, in the war – in the fight for freedom.  Many families never got to come over and see where their loved one was interned. Moms, dads, wives and siblings never saw their loved loved one again! In just the small area we walked through there were quite a few markers with the inscription ” known but to God”  It was very moving!

We saw an edited version of Saving Private Ryan before we came and thinking of the film and then walking on the beach … my prayer is that these students remember what they saw, what they heard and that they will become men and women who will always stand for right, even if they stand alone.

After we came up from the beach there was a solider with his pack on and I asked him if he spoke English … yes (Praise God) … he was a British soldier.  They bring their cadets over and re-live / walkthrough the events of D-Day! The cadets were on a particular drill and he and others broke away to come up to the cemetery and the lookout view.  We took our picture with him and we told him we were going to pray for him, for God to protect him and that he would be guided by God with wisdom as he served his country!  He was very appreciative!

Would you remember Chris (the officer) and pray for him.  Pray that his meeting us will have been a ‘divine appointment’  that our expressing to him that we are going to pray for him will pierce his heart, encourage him and compel him to ‘seek his Creator God, have a relationship with his Savior Jesus Christ and depend upon the one that can give him all the wisdom and discernment he desires and needs on a daily basis… the Holy Spirit!

I love this class! It really was an amazing day!  We hated to leave!

Thank you God, that you loved us so much that you sent your one and only son, so that whoever believed in him will not perish but have everlasting life.  Thank you Jesus, for being our Savior for showing us how to live a life a sacrifice!

Well … tomorrow is another service day for us!  We serve lunch to the those in need along side the American Cathedral Church.

Pray for divine moments, that our students would realize how much God has given them… and out of that … how much they have to give to others.

It’s been a long day … my room clock tells me it’s 12:11 a.m. Paris time!

I can’t believe we only have one more full day in Paris!

See you soon!

Be blessed and highly flavored … you are the salt of the earth!


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