Mona Lisa …. Mona Lisa … how I thought you were a much larger picture !

We started out the day at the Louvre … a great discussion was had on … “Now why is the Mona Lisa so famous?”

We were especially glad to have our ‘on board history teacher’ Mr. Tripple, especially since he studied French for 4 years… filled in a lot of blanks for us!  🙂

Our main three points of interest were: Mona Lisa, Winged Victory and Napoleon III apartments …  after that the kids divided up and toured the Louvre for other points of interest!

Lunch at Jardin des Tuileries, then another famous arch (sorry I can’t remember the name and it’s late)

A 3000 year old  Obelisque de Louxor  (French spelling on the map) It one of twin obelisks which mark the entrance to the Louxor temple in Egypt.  It was offered to France as a gift in 1829 and arrived in 1833.   It is decorated with hieroglyphics exalting the reign of the Pharaoh Ramses II.

The Arch de Triumph … next on the list!  A brave few  (Mr. Tripple, Devin, John and Luke) climbed another 248 steps to the top…  some of us just couldn’t torture our limbs one more time! (especially since it’s the same way to get back down… 248 steps!)

The others took a stroll on Avenue des Champs Elysees for some expensive window shopping!

We purchased a lock and key and put it on the infamous ‘lock bridge’ signed ‘SCA’ and 2012… and threw the keys in the Seine River … (supposedly proclaiming our love for each other forever …  the girls were very moved … the boys … hmmmm,  not sure!  )

We finally made it to the Deportation Memorial …  it’s very small but the story it tells is huge!  In one area there is a long hall narrow hall lined with lights on each side… 200,000 lights… one for every person who was processed through     the French Deportation Center.  When you see all the lights shining in the hall it’s staggering to think of the light of each precious life snuffed out by the inhumane acts of a madman. Down two small halls were triangular windows that held urns filled with soil and ashes from each concentration camp ovens throughout Europe! We were the last ones in and the only ones in the small yard, and the guard let us have a moment of prayer!

Dinner …

For the evening devotionals, Michael shared another story …  a miracle his family experienced.  How they were allowed to leave East Berlin to visit his grandparents … they promised to come back… they did!  It’s an amazing story… ask one of the students the story!

Thanks for your prayers, we’ve had some really incredible times with our kids.

Michael really bragged on our kids behavior, they are easy, they listen, they respond, they pray, they don’t cause trouble … AND THEY ARE FUN!

Off to bed … Tomorrow is Normandy!

Mrs. G

Oh… Sara’s bag came yesterday … she was sooooo happy to be wearing ALL her own clothes…  Thanks for your prayers!

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One thought on “Mona Lisa …. Mona Lisa … how I thought you were a much larger picture !

  1. Miss Barclay

    I miss you guys! Glad you are having fun 🙂

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