Truth … you CAN know it …

We started the day today going to Notre Dame! It’s built on an island and it’s considered  by the people of Paris to be birthplace of Paris and to them it’s Holy ground! Michael (guide) shared history about Notre Dame and again we prayed for the people of France would be drawn to the person of Jesus Christ and that he is not a myth but he is the Way the Truth and the Life!

We went to the Deportation Memorial, but it was closed to us because they had diplomats coming.  We might be able to try again on Friday! Even though we didn’t get to go in, Michael shared of the time his grandfather took a stand again Adolf Hitler.  Because of his grandfather’s relationship with Christ, he descerned that Adolf was not speaking the truth when he was proclaiming a new and better way for the people of Germany!  Michael read us a part of one of Adolf’s speeches and you would have thought a Christian leader had written it.  However, Adolph said the things he knew that believers wanted to hear and tricked them.  Once they realized he had not told the truth much damage had already been done! We spent time in prayer again – for the people that visit the memorial, for the people of France’s eyes to be opened to the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and for ourselves that we would be a people that would recognize truth and be willing to stand for truth even if we were the only ones standing.

Next … the Eiffel Tower!  Since Michael got us reserved tickets we got to bump ahead of a 2 hour wait line… and Michael then became the team hero … !  It was a magnificent view with nice weather to be able to see all of Paris! It’s really high! I’m just saying’!    A group of us walked down from the 2nd level to the bottom!  ( Helped work off that really cheesy pizza I had for lunch)

We had a couple of hours to shop and hang out in the park!

Dinner was at Chez Clement.  It’s decor was really cool!  Our room was the library! (by the way, the kids took the news of last’s night’s duck very well!)

After dinner we headed over to the American Church of Paris to going the Young Adult Tuesday night gathering!  It was an interesting night as they were finishing up a study of a teaching for a group of believers in Syria that a Pastor in the U.S. had turned into a Bible Study.    To our students it seemed that the members of this Tues night group  wanted to be able to just share their opinions and have them validated … rather than seeking the truth about each issue from the scriptures.    Mr. Tripple, Mr. Smith, Miss Ott and myself made sure that when we got back to the hotel, we gathered all the students together and Mr. Tripple led the discussion … what is truth and what is  not!  We were pleased that most had realized, something wasn’t quite right!  We talked about the fact that as they finish High School and head into the next chapter of their lives… they will be in discussions similar to this one tonight.  They might find themselves searching for a group of believers to connect with and the  only way to be able to discern if they are with a group that desires to know and follow ‘truth’ is to know the ‘truth’ for themselves – that leads us right to … we have to read and study God’s Word. (We’re not saying that this group doesn’t know the truth and that they don’t study scripture… but we were pleased that our students realized that what Damien had told us was true, many in the French culture just want to ‘discuss’ an issue not necessarily come to a complete or correct conclusion. As our students move forward we want them to recognize when a ‘door is being left open’ or when you’re not directed back to what God’s word says… might want to throw up a red flag somewhere!)

It was a great discussion and after we dismissed the kids to their rooms, we leaders looked back over the day … it was just as Michael had shared this morning … you have to know the Word to recognize what is from Creator God and what is not!

We counted it a privilege to be able to have been with our students tonight.  We were proud of them and pray that each one of them will remember today and learn from today and desire to grow in their relationship with Christ… The Way … The TRUTH … and the Life!

Tomorrow … The Louvre!  Can’t wait to see where God has us praying tomorrow and where our conversations take us!


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One thought on “Truth … you CAN know it …

  1. lonestar41

    Be on high SECURITY Alert! Please be Vigilant, Americans, Jews, & Christians are being targeted! Have at least (1) Guy/Gal pull “security” along w/ an adult leader at every outing! I don’t want to spoil any fun, but our LORD tells us to be watchful (safety/smart)!
    I LOVE you all! Have a Great Witness, Learn from the ‘folly’ of the LOST French people that have ‘back-Slidden’. France, Britian, & most of Europe have become Islamist, or Atheist.
    May ‘Yeshua Ha’Mashiach protect and keep you! Love TomS. (SFTom)

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