Promises made promises kept … In Paris and in our lives!

We took the metro and walked to the Sacre-Couere!  Pretty amazing!  It was built as a promise to God if He would save them from Germany taking over, they would build this great cathedral in His honor to remember Him and worship Him!  Part of the promise was kept … they built the Cathedral, but as you interact with the people and look at history … the promise for all of Paris to worship Him and remember His protection … that is a promise broken!

It didn’t take long for all of us to realize what Damien had shared about Paris is so true! It was beautiful inside … and the 300 steps to the dome (and I’m pretty sure it was a 1000 back down) gave an incredible view of Paris.  Still, none of that can compare to the matchless beauty and wonder of our God!

We had dinner at a Restaurant …  bread (of course) salad, baked duck, fried potatoes, baked tomato …. and for dessert …  mousse de chocolat  ….. YUM … I’m just saying!  Not sure the kids know it was duck … we’re going to see if they understood that … tomorrow …  !

When we returned to the hotel, Michael shared another story about his family and a promise made and a promise kept!  God miraculously saved his dad when he was 6 years old and his mom promised God she would teach him to love and serve the Lord.  She never told his dad, but prayed he would follow the Lord.  Ask your student about the rest of the story … how in the end (actually the beginning) his father had to choose between his faith in Christ and the communist party … He chose Christ and lost his job and seemingly everything he had studied and prepared for … however, he became a preacher behind the iron curtain, encouraging others to live their faith with a promise kept by  God … always being there for them.

Pray for our students … I wonder how many times they might have made a promise to God only after some time has gone by  … the promise is not only broken, but forgotten! Pray they will remember and renew a commitment to a promise made.

Pray that if the Holy Spirit moves upon their hearts whether in a private moment or standing in a line or looking at the beggars on the streets … wherever … they will yield their hearts to the giver of life!  and experience life … and if they make a first or a new promise to God … they will keep it!

Tomorrow, it’s the Eiffle Tower!  Notre Dame!  The Deportation Memorial … then tomorrow evening we meet with a group of young adults from the First American Church.

Pray our students will truly interact, encourage, receive and be a blessing as I know we will be blessed!

Bon Soir!

ginger and the team

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