Saturday night and Sunday …

We ended the day yesterday taking a drive further up the mountain to get a look at the other side of the Alps! AMAZING!  Mr. Smith is a French driver now!   We took pictures and returned to the camp and had a time a worshipping our incredible Creator!  Allen, one of the directors shared about the French culture and how post Christianity has effected the younger generation.  It was fairly shocking to most of the group!  He shared and challenged us with the story of Jonah and the main thing he wanted us to see was that Jonah wanted grace for himself but didn’t want it extended to others.

Allen shared about how amazing it is that God has used all the things he’s learned, done and the talents he has and turned them into different ministries to shared the gospel and glorify God.  He challenged the students … allow God to do the same!

We had another fantastic dinner (the students are learning how to serve each other French style) and followed that with free time!  Hide and Seek, foosball and ping pong!

We ended the evening with a time of debriefing …

We encouraged the class to be authentic and allow the Holy Spirit really work in and through them.  So many times on trips, this class has really opened their hearts to receiving and responding to the Holy Spirit.      My prayer is that this trip will be no different.

Mr. Tripple shared with the students… a story of grace that God has been working in his life!  …. Grace

It seems to be a theme for us …. needing it …. giving it …  receiving it!

We went to the International Church this morning and enjoyed worship in English… then different speakers got up and shared how God has giving them different ways to fellowship with students to eventually be able to share Jesus Christ …  inviting them to a meal … teaching French for free …  another leader from the campus ministry shared about the story of cleansing of the lepers … only one that got cleansed turned around and thanked Jesus …  Jesus asked, “why is there only one of you”  the bottom line was … only one broke away from the law … and recognized the grace that was given to him.

Grace … again!

After church we went to an open market … then went to the park at the bottom of the Bastille Grenoble and had our sack lunch… it was a windy cold break!  We only went part way up the trail to see the Bastille, it was just getting too windy and beginning to sprinkle.

We tried to go to a French cafe’ but none were open so after a few tries, freezing in the rain, we gave up and came back to the camp and warmed up … taking naps and playing games!

Right now, we’re listening to Damien (he oversees the Bible institute) share the history of the camp and will have a little worship, dinner and then Michael (our JE guide) will share his story of his life behind the iron curtain!

Pray for continued health and that the wet and cold won’t make anyone sick and that the ones that came with colds… get well can completely get over them!

We are praying for Sara’s luggage to be brought to the camp tonight!

We leave in the morning by train for Paris!

Au Revoir


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2 thoughts on “Saturday night and Sunday …

  1. Laura Olson

    Thank you for the updates and pictures but most of all for being our trusted leader . When I look at the picture of these 12 young adults I am amazed at their heritage, they have families that are in tact and that one fact shows God’s grace. They have been given much and they have much to give. We stand in agreement with you knowing that as they yield to the Holy Spirit He will come upon them in supernatural power and favor. the best is yet to come. Love you lots!

  2. lonestar41

    We hope & Pray you will have safe travels and a great mission Trip! We are looking forward to some great photos. Hi to CalebS. & we want to see a ton of photographs from him. Love to all!

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