Campfleuri in the Alps!

We arrived in Geneva, toured the town: the reformers walls, the church where Calvin preached, the lake with the 420 ft fountain in in the lake spouting at a 120 miles an hour… and watch and knife stores galore! Lunch at McDonalds because Geneva is one of the most expensive places to eat, so to eat local was too much!  It was quite different for many… paying for the ketchup and needing a code for the restroom door!  Europe!

While in the church, Michael our tour guide shared how years ago the churches we packed, everyone came, from the peasant to the king!  Now, only a small remnant show up.  And to be a Christian and to live out your faith in Europe is very hard.  They are ridiculed.  In this post modern society where God is irrelevant, a christian is in the minority.  We spent time in prayer in the church, asking God to encourage them and give them courage to live out their faith and to be able to share their faith!

All the luggage but one showed up!  Pray for Sara’s luggage to be delivered to the camp tonight!  She’s a trouper!  Besides being tired from most of us sitting in the middle seats in the 5 row seats of the plane… we did good!

The camp was especially appreciative of the goodies we brought them:  brown sugar (used in an outreach ministry) beef jerky, microwave popcorn, peanut butter and chalula chipotle hot sauce!

We got a brief tour of the camp, the main house was built in the 1700’s.   Athletes in Action soccer team and the choir team showed up, this morning and we’ll probably meet them during lunch!

Work teams are going at it right now!  Cleaning dorms (washing walls, windows, etc) cleaning out the cellar with stuff that’s been there for 30+ years, staining a fence and raking dirt, washing and waxing the van!

Tomorrow morning we’ll be attending the International Church and hiking, etc.  The weather warmed up too much so there won’t be any skiing, it’s all ice now and too dangerous!  The team here runs ski camps so they said it’s not a fun safe thing to do!

The view … amazing!  Will try to post pictures!

BTW  …   Happy Birthday to my husband …  Bobby!

will check in later!


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