Prayer – Make it Fun! – Save those old game boards … cards … blocks …

Before you get anxious … let me explain where I’m coming from.

Prayer is intimidating, laborious, effective, without end and FUN!  When I began to truly understand how important prayer is I began to study it and practice it!  I would try to find ways to be around people when they were praying to see … how did they use this incredible tool God gave us?  I read the scriptures and would find myself relating to the disciples in the garden …thinking Jesus must surely be saying, “Can you not stay awake?”  AUGH!  Then the introduction of prayer walking came in to my life! It changed my prayer journey making it even more exciting!

Starting with Pre-K classes, sometimes I bring a different element of fun to our prayer time! For instance, a few ideas:

  • Take an old game board like Candy Land and turn it into Jonah’s Travels, or Prayer Land!
  • Use 2 large blocks, and on one block paint each side a different color. Decide what the colors will represent. Blue-family, red-friends, yellow-church, etc. When you roll the color block pray for what that color on top represents.  The second block you put different ‘sounds’ on it.  Ex:  write …yodel, oink, meow, bark, etc.  After you pray, then roll the second block. EVERYONE in the prayer group makes that sound.  It’s fun being silly, and the next person can’t wait to pray!
  • Make your own prayer cards and draw one each morning or evening.

Secondary – We use prayerwalking on all our trips! Praying on-sight with in-sight!  Asking our Creator God, what is his heart for a community, situation, a people group?  We then pray what we sense God is saying to us.  We pray scripture! We pray that if the people don’t know God, he would bring someone into their life to share the gospel of Jesus Christ… get where I’m going with this?

  • Prayer walking – take a walk around your neighborhood. a park, a city sidewalk, a place of business. We pray for the people in the homes, the park, in the buildings, etc.
  • You don’t have to know the names of people you pray for.  If God impressed you to pray for someone – peace, health, finances, just do it, leaving the results up to God.
  • At the stop light, pray for the people in the cars around you. Ask God to be with them, and with they don’t know their Creator God, ask God to bring someone into their life and introduce them.

When you expand your ‘prayer point’ to things beyond your home/school/church  it’s amazing how your perspective of God’s heart for the whole world will change!

I know you’ll agree with me that as our students – your children,  learn to pray and their prayer times mature, it’s amazing to hear their hearts pray!

The most FUN part of prayer?  Knowing God hears us and answers us!

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